Reiki Teaching
& Healing

Worldwide Distantly & In Person. Contact for further details.

Aligning Chakras

Raise your Vibration and Chakras back to Alignment. Cleanse the Aura.


Connecting with Loved Ones in the Spirit Realm and helping 'Stuck Souls' (Ghosts) to pass. 

Reiki Water

Worldwide Distantly - Contact for further details.

Tarot & Oracle Readings 

Email or Video Readings -  Contact for further details.

ShivShakti Healing

Powerful Channelled Healing - Contact for further details.

Black Magic Removal

For Spirit Attachments / Jinns/ Black Magic removal - Contact for further details

About us

My name is Sunny Angel, I'm a Reiki Grandmaster, Rahaani Practitioner, New Earth Teacher,  Karmic Reiki Master Teacher, Etheral Crystal Master Teacher, (Master Teacher in 18 different modalities too). I have been Teaching Reiki for 15 years. I love my Spiritual energy and buzzing with high frequency to share it to help others along their spiritual path.

During meditation, I was enlightened by ShivShakti Healing. I felt Shiva's energy and it has helped me through various illnesses and trauma.

Benefits of Healing
  • Helps you cope with difficult situations
  • Helps you to feel deeply relaxed
  • Helps to improve Wellbeing
  • Relieve emotional stress and tension
  • Cleanse the 7 Layers of the Aura
  • Relieves Pain, anxiety and fatigue